LAMMIDIA Miscela 2018 / Abruzzo, Italy

LAMMIDIA Miscela 2018 / Abruzzo, Italy

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Miscela 2018
Abruzzo, Italy


  • Grape Variety : Various, over 10 varieties found within their vineyards
  • Colour : Rosé
  • Alcohol Content : 10.5 %
  • Farming : Organic
  • Size : .75cl


Tart, spritzy rosé with balanced acidity, light body, notes of underripe plums & raspberries, easy drinking.

Red & white blend of over 10 varieties using part of each wine made during the year (white, red and rosé), adding wines of the year that will not have a dedicated label and "correcting" as needed with the production of next year; so it is a mix of almost 20 cuvées from at least two different vintages, made solely according to their personal taste. Spontaneous fermentation in stainless steel tank before extended aging in tank before bottling.

All our natural wines are low intervention, unfiltered, without any additives, sugars or sulphites. Created from grapes cultivated using organic or biodynamic farming.