Les Dolomies by Céline and Steve Gormally
Jura, France

Les Dolomies is the 6 hectare domain launched in 2008 by Céline and Steve Gormally, in the Southern Jura, in a lesser-known village by the name of Passenas. The name, Les Dolomies, is inspired by the magnesium limestone found in the area, and the iridescent marls and limestone outcrops can be found extensively throughout the vineyards. 

Guided by the Saint Exupery expression, “The earth is not ours; but lent to us by our children,” Céline has practiced organic farming and biodynamic preparations since the purchase of her terroir. Tilling and distributing compost with their mare Octavia, all other work in the vineyard is done manually, without herbicides or pesticides.

After apprenticing with Julien Labet, Celine has focused on wines made in the ouillé style - by which each barrel is regularly filled to avoid any oxidation and formation of a veil of yeast - as opposed to the sous voile method the Jura is most known for. This results in wines with more freshness and minerality than classic wines from the region. 

Céline believes in the strength of each of their plots, bottling separately, which is again, not the norm in the Jura. They believe in their surrounding terroir, producing several micro-cuvées that showcase Jura's hidden potential. With less than 10,000 bottles produced each year, we are proud to share these exceptional wines with our customers.