Patrick Bouju
Auvergne, France

Patrick Bouju is undoubtedly one of the most competent natural wine producers in the world. His wines have quickly gained cult status in the natural wine scene, and have brought attention to what was once a forgotten wine region in France.

Having studied viticulture in Beaune, Patrick settled on the Auvergne, establishing Domaine La Boheme from high-altitude vineyards of volcanic soils. He started in 2004 with 1.5 hectares of vineyards, and now manages about 5 hectares. There is a scarcity of vines in this region of France as they were largely wiped out by phylloxera after World War I and II. The terroir is very unique, with many complexities, but most apparent is the volcanic content of the soil. 

Bouju wine's are produced with integrity, in harmony with nature. Most of the work is done manually, the vines are grassed and no synthetic products are used. The main focus is to bring in healthy, ripe grapes, so that the balance of the wine is achieved without unnecessary intervention.

As Patrick says himself "In my wines, there are grapes and sweat. The wines are vinified and bottled without sulphites, they are free and alive"

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