Vinyes Singulars by  Ignasi Segui
Penedès, Spain

The Vinyes Singulars project was born in 2011 by Ignasi Segui, based on a long winemaking tradition, started in 1405 by his family, who have lived and worked the land for more than six centuries. The farm covers an area of ​​120 hectares, consisting of a mosaic of crops and ecosystems.

Occupying 34 hectares, the vineyard is an expression of respect for the environment and the ecosystem in which Ignasi works, where he practices organic farming and defends the balance between human activity, animals and plants.

After many years of cultivating the vineyards in Pendès, Ignasi embarked on the path of making his own wines from what he considers to be his very best vineyards. They opt for leaving vegetation cover, not plowing, not using herbicides or pesticides, acting as little as possible on the vine and short pruning to avoid high yields.

Ignasi’s ambition is to make sincere wines that explain their territory in the healthiest and most natural way possible, with minimal intervention.

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