Clos Lentiscus by Manel & Núria Aviñó
Catalonia, Spain

Since 2002 Manel Aviñó has been producing wine under the Name Clos Lentiscus. Before taking over, his family had been working the vineyards but selling the grapes to local cooperatives. After the death of Manel’s father, he decided to stop selling the grapes and start producing the wine himself.

Manel has been working naturally in the cellar since 2010, not using any cultured yeast, filtration or additives. The only thing he adds is honey from his own bees and harvested ambient yeast from the tanks to kickstart the second fermentation in his sparkling wine.

The vineyards are located in the protected area 'Parque Naturel del Garraf', surrounded by mediterranean forests, Carob trees, Kermes oak, rosemary and thyme. Hot summers, cold winters, rainy autumns and mild springs. The climate here is more or less perfect for producing wine.

The wines are been certified organic, and cultivated with the use of biodynamic preparations only - albeit without certification.