Avis de Tempête by Raphaël Monnier
Arbois, Jura, France

Avis de Tempête is the brainchild of Raphaël Monnier, assisted by Marie Bourdon, based in Jura’s famed Arbois region. Whilst his Ratapoil cuvées are the most honest reflection of his own terroir, Avis de tempête is his first foray into the world of a winemaking negociant.

After catastrophic weather conditions in the Jura during 2017, the interprofessional wine committee made a statement that “whilst the growing cycle started well, it slowed to a halt mid-April because of the most intense frost seen since 1991”. 

Severe hail storms in July reduced Raphaël’s already minute harvest to nothing, and the winemaker was faced with the possibility of producing zero wines for the year. Turning tragedy into opportunity, Avis de Tempête was born, whereby Raphaël and Marie procure grapes from similarly minded organic farmers in different regions to make one-off cuvées.

To ensure his winemaking does not fall foul of the increasingly unpredictable weather and its impacts on yields, each year Avis de Tempete focus on releasing their negociant wines, with a focus on experimental processes — pet nats, longer macerations - and grape varieties not usually seen in the hills of Jura.

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