Maison Valette by Philippe Valette
Burgundy, France

The latest of three generations of winemakers, Philippe Valette oversees an 8.5 hectare estate in Chaintre, a small village in the south of Burgundy between the Mâcon and Beaujolais. After completing his studies in 1990, he decided to convert the domaine to Organic, a pioneering move in one of the world’s most traditional winemaking regions.

Since converting the vineyard, Philippe has focused on the microbiome of his domaine, eschewing chemicals in favour of careful nurturing of the soils and vines. Harvesting is done by hand, in little crates; a gentle pneumatic press is used; work is done by gravity rather than pumps, followed by light settling, all without any sulphur.

“We have old vines with naturally low yields, we don't use herbicides, we don't use commercial yeasts and we pick late so we never, ever chaptalize or acidify and we use only the absolute bare minimum of SO2.”

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