Hervé Villemade
Loire Valley, France

Hervé Villemade was one of the first winemakers we started working with while in London 11 years ago.  For us it's the true definition of how natural wine should be.  He always delivers consistency and perfect balance in all his wines.  This is what we show to people that come to us and say, "I'm not really into natural wines, can you recommend something?"  This all just wine at the end but Hervé has the best quality, price and style when it comes to a perfectly crafted wine.  

He has grown his estate in the small town of Cellette in the Loire Valley since 1995 to include 8.5ha originally owned by his parents, purchasing an additional 8ha through the years, plus various rented parcels.  He began a great undertaking of converting all of his estate to organic farming starting in 2000 after tasting the wines of Marcel Lapierre in Beaujolais and Thierry Puzelat at Clos du Tue-Boeuf in nearby Les Montils.  These legends influenced him to realize that wines with zero additives would require high quality fruit, which can truly only happen by doing things the natural way.  This history brings us to the domaine as it is today!   He does most of the vineyard work on his own, and vinification takes place through spontaneous fermentation & élevage is done in a range of different vessels: concrete tank, foudre, tronconic vats, neutral barrique, and even amphora.

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