Podere Pradarolo by  Claudia and Alberto Carretti
Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Claudia and Alberto Carretti purchased a sprawling farm in Emilia-Romagna in 1971, eventually converting the property to produce wines in 1989. Since, they have focused on production of organic grapes treated with nothing but small amounts of copper sulphur, ancient winemaking techniques, extremely long macerations for both reds and whites, and use of wild yeasts to obtain healthy wines. 

After a manual harvest the grapes are simply pressed. There is no addition of sulphites, no filtration, no chaptalisation, no must concentration, no physical or chemical stabilisation. Their reds are normally aged in large oak barrels, while white is fermented and fined in stainless steel and concrete tanks.

The oldest vineyards date back to 1990, followed by others planted in 2005, and then more in 2016. Vines were grafted with the current endemic native vines: Malvasia, Barbera, and Termarina.

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