Microbio Wines was initially founded by Ismael Gozalo as a side project in 1998 when he wanted to have his own experiments in bio wine after working with his family winery for many years.  

As a fifth generation wine grower in Nieva, Segovia Ismael wanted to continue the tradition, working the fields as his grandparents did, with the soul, knowing that good wine is made in the vineyard and observing the passage of time through the vines and and their cycles.  He trusts in growing grapes organically and harmoniously, as respectfully as possible and with little intervention, to avoid leaving traces in the ecosystem.   The most important thing being the balance between soil, plant, fruit and wine.  He sees his wines as a philosophy of life, a way of understanding existence and a legacy for future generations. 

Through this heritage much of his wines come from pre-phylloxera Verdejo vines, vines passed from father to son with the responsibility and commitment to continually improve the land. Their vineyards are treasures of biodiversity. 

Discover our selection of MicroBio natural wines below.