Azienda Agricole Serragghia by Gabrio Bini
Pantelleria, Italy

Formerly an architect in Milan, it was in the early 1990’s that Gabrio Bini, along with his wife Geneviève and their son Giotto, discovered the tiny volcanic island of Pantelleria. They bought their property in 1994, inheriting one hectare of vines and a few caper plants.

Initially, it was the caper plants that caught Gabrio’s attention, with the extremely limited production quickly finding its way to the tables of the world’s finest restaurants. Yet it took more than ten years of research before the first grape harvest in 2005, where the first experimentation was very positively received.

Ever since, the family team care for old vines planted over ancient terraces on the island's volcanic soils. Azienda Agricole Serragghia, their vineyard, experiences a cool sea breeze and moderate climate throughout the year thanks to its location, higher than most vineyards.

The vineyards are never treated and are tended by hand and horse. Grapes are handpicked and undergo spontaneous slow fermentation in terracotta amphorae of various ages and sizes from Spain which are buried in the vineyard. "People call this kind of wine ‘nature’, but just think of it as ‘natural’. It’s as simple as that." 

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