Pierre Frick
Alsace, France

A pioneer not just in the Alsace, but in the world of wine, Pierre Frick’s vineyards have been organic since the 1970’s, which he then converted to biodynamic in 1981. His 12 hectare vineyard has Demeter biodynamic certification, where he follows the cosmic rhythms of the Maria Thun calendar.

His Pfaffenheim vines are sprinkled and clustered along the slopes surrounding the forests of the Vosges, situated on three Grand Cru sites and seven lieux-dits (place name sites). Fruit is all hand-picked and is either macerated or slow pressed in the cellar, with indigenous yeasts spontaneously kicking in the fermentations. 

Reflected in his wines, a respect for nature and a total lack of intervention. There is no acidification or chaptalization. His first cuvées without any sulphur dioxide additions were created in the 1990s. A truly special 12th-generation winemaker, whose expressive Alsatian cuvées have a special place in our hearts.

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