L’Anglore by Eric Pfifferling
Rhône, France

Frequently heralded as some of the natural wines world’s most legendary cuvées, we are honoured to have a small selection of L’Anglore by Eric Pfifferling. L’Anglore is a seven hectare Domaine in Tavel, a southern French village on the western side of the Rhône River. 

A native of the region, Eric was originally working as a beekeeper selling his grapes to the local cooperative until 2002, when he bottled his first vintage. Overseeing extremely old vines that he inherited from his grandmother, he works only by hand, without chemicals, yeasts, enzymes or sulphur. The soils are rich with gallets, identical to those found in neighbouring Châteauneuf-du-Pape. 

He uses carbonic maceration for all of his cuvées, a winemaking technique primarily applied to light- to medium-bodied red wines to make them fruitier and to soften their tannins. A natural process resulting in truly exceptional, signature wines for those lucky enough to taste them.

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