Partida Creus by Antonella Gerosa and Massimo Marchiori
Catalonia, Spain

Partida Creus is the passion project of Antonella Gerosa and Massimo Marchiori, two Italian architects from the Piedmont region, who left their Barcelona lives behind to settle in Bonastre, Catalonia. Today, their renowned domaine Partida Creus, produces a very limited quantity of natural wines made from organic grapes. 

They work with many indigenous grape varietals including Trepat, Garrut, Queixal de Llop, Ull de Perdiu, and Samsó, and Catalunyan staples Garnacha and Sumoll. Their cuvées never lack excitement, freshness and well balanced acidity.

Champions of the slow food movement, Antonella and Massimo have been actively engaged in the recovery and preservation of Bonastre’s viniculture heritage in the Baix Penedès region. Tasks in the vineyard are shared with Orazio and Vincenza, a donkey and a mare that help them practice a traditional environmentally friendly philosophy.

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