LADIDADI Wines was born from the desire to bring artisanal natural wine producers to emerging communities in San Francisco, London, Berlin and now Lisbon.

A culmination of more than 15 years of traveling, discovering and sharing with the natural wine community, Florian Tonello’s LADIDADI has swiftly become a reference for importing, experiencing and appreciating artisan wines in Lisbon and beyond.
In Lisbon, we import directly from a carefully curated selection of producers, all creating natural and traditionally made wines with nothing added and nothing removed. We work with winemakers passionate about organic and biodynamic farming, who seek to express the uniqueness of their terroir and push forward the conversation about what wine can be. Above all, we value craftsmanship, individuality and tradition.
We share these producers with local restaurants, bars and retailers in Lisbon, and gather our own community in our wine shop and bar in Arroios, where we are dedicated to providing a comfortable, affordable and inspiring meeting place for curious people to exchange knowledge and culture. 
We sell online throughout Portugal, Europe and beyond, to bring some of the world’s finest natural winemakers directly into your home. And we are always available to answer your questions, tailor recommendations or do whatever we can to help our guests discover the depth and beauty of the world of natural wines.