Domaine de la Cadette by Jean and Catherine Montanet
Burgundy, France

Veritable Pioneers in Burgundy, Jean and Catherine Montanet planted their first vineyards in 1987, in the village of Saint-Père southeast of Vézelay. For the next ten years their grapes were destined for vinification in their own cave cooperative, which bottled its first vintage in 1990, with Jean serving as vigneron.

In 1997 they made the avant garde decision to convert their vineyard to fully organic, going somewhat against the grain in traditional Burgundy. Eventually, feeling unable to fully express themselves as vignerons through the cooperative, they founded their own label Domaine de la Cadette.

With this shift came a commitment to fully organic farming principles and low intervention winemaking. A philosophy today driven by their son, Valentin, who oversees the vinification of their mineral driven whites and reds in the great mountain range that runs west by northwest of the famous Côte d’Or.

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