Cantina Furlani by Matteo Furlani
Alto Adige, Italy

At more than 700 meters of altitude, Matteo Furlani of Cantina Furlani tends over tiny parcels of vines overlooking the alpine city of Trento, in the Dolomites mountains. The fourth generation winemaker creates dynamic wines, cultivated and vinified with passion, a successful combination of tradition and avant-garde.

Although the vineyard has always been organic, Matteo has incorporated biodynamic preparations and methodologies in the his approach today, seeking to work the land in the most natural way possible, always respecting the environment and local flora and fauna.

Production remains totally handcrafted and within it, all the delicate stages of winemaking take place. The farm has an extension of several hectares of vineyard, plots reaching to 720 meters altitude, some on the slopes of Vigolana and other on the hills above the city of Trento. From these lands and their grapes, Cantina Furlani obtains natural, simple, refined and strong personality wines. 

The harvest takes place in August and September, hand-harvested in small boxes. After destemming, maceration takes place on skins, then racking and soft squeeze of the bunches. The first fermentation is in steel tank. All wines are without filtration no added yeast, sugars or chemical products, with the second fermentation taking place in the bottle.

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