Pura Sede

On March 8th 2020, the focus is on natural wines, with nothing added and nothing taken away. We are bringing together all those with a pure thirst and a thirst for purity from near and far to taste wine directly from the producers themselves. Natural wine is simply wine, as it has always been made. Joining us at this fair will be a chance to hear from the winemakers what that means to them. 

Beyond wine, we are putting Lisbon’s slow food eateries centre stage as a natural pairing with natural wine. Lisbon restaurants are doing so much for growing the community of those drinking natural. You will have a chance to eat one unique plate from some of these special restaurants that are in the Lisbon scene. In the week around the event, we will have off-events #SemanaPuraSede to showcase all of the amazing food and wine Lisbon has to offer.